Have You Registered For Bigg Boss Season 11 ?

Bigg Boss Season 11 Registration Form , Auditions Dates and Contestants List : Finally Bigg Boss 11 is on way to launch that is about to hit Colors TV channel soon. We all knows about popularity of the show so will not say a bit about as there will not be anyone who are aware of or fan of reality TV Show.

One of the best thing about Bigg Boss Season 11 is that it become more and more entertaining after each season. If you have watched Bigg Boss Season 10 then you might know how much entertaining it was which was started from double trouble.

So this time, If we look at suspense of Bigg Boss 11 Contestant list then we can only say that it will ” FAADU ” show of the year. It’s not even launched and see how it is gaining popularity. Even celebrities are making buzz about it.

It seems you will get to see many celebrities among commoners who will get entry in Bigg Boss 11 House. We know you also want to learn how to register for Bigg Boss 11 Season ?

What is Bigg Boss 11 Season Entry Form ?

The Bigg Boss Team has opened it’s door even for commoners so any one who is interested or love to see themselves in Bigg Boss 11 house then they need to apply for it by filling up entry form.


Due to some speculations from past few days, It has been in buzz that team has closed Bigg Boss 11 Entry Form For Commoners.

Why do not you know Bigg Boss 11 Contestant Name ?

As Buzz is not always true or sometime it contain unverified information that is what happened this time. So, Just to aware about Latest Bigg Boss 11 Updates We are updating each required information here after verifying.

But, Good news here is that you can get entry in Bigg Boss Season 11 House by registering themselves on Voot Websites.

How to Fill Up Bigg Boss 11 Online Registration Form ?

Now as you know How to get entry in Bigg Boss 11 Season then Get ready to see yourself in House to entertain like other do. But Before that You need to register yourself using Bigg Boss 11 Registration Online Form. If you do not know how to fill up Registration Form online then You need to follow below steps to fill up Bigg Boss 11 Entry Form.

1. Open Voot or Visit Bigg Boss 11 Audition Form Online .

2. That’s where you need to be careful while filling up Bigg Boss Season 11 Audition Form because many commoners have done mistake filling up Entry form incorrectly.

3. Before registering yourself for Bigg Boss 11 Audition, You need to have or make video of yourself that is necessary for registration online. If you do not have pre made video then hurry up guys, you should make it faster as closing date of Bigg Boss Season 11 is coming very close.

4. But, If you have a video for Bigg Boss 11 Audition then You can go ahead and fill up registration form for Bigg Boss Season 11.

5. Coming to Registration/Audition/Entry Form, You need to fill required details like Your Name, Address, Email ID, Phone Number, Body measurement, Social Media Accounts and Perfect Video.

6. Do not provide any incorrect details as it is only way available to team to connect with you. And try to make your Social Media Profile look cool and attractive so that it will help you getting in Bigg Boss 11 House.

7. That’s all, Check ” I agree to Terms & Conditions ” box and click on ” Submit Your Details “.

8. And You have successfully registered for Bigg Boss 11 Season.

9. Now pray for your entry in Bigg Boss Season 11 House.

What After Bigg Boss 11 Audition Form ?

If you have submitted Bigg Boss Season 11 Audition Form then you will be contacted by Bigg Boss Team if you are selected. Team is evaluating each application it is getting from Commoners with their Video and Social Media Profiles so if they find any of you interesting or entertaining for Bigg Boss 11 Season then they will call you for an Audition.


Once Bigg Boss 11 Registration Window is closed then Audition for same will be commenced in the month of August. Yes, Team is in hurry because of Bigg Boss 11 Starting Date that is 17-21 September 2017.

Do Want Bigg Boss 11 Updates ?   Yes / No 

If you have still not applied or want to test their luck then We would say there is nothing wrong in trying who knows that you will be next Bigg Boss 11 Winner. So, do not think about Bigg Boss 11 Results and wait. Just go ahead and fill your Audition/Entry Form.

How Team Select Bigg Boss 11 Contestants ?

Final Bigg Boss 11 Contestants List are not officially released but there has been in buzz that few celebrities might have been contacted for same. But all of them are denying any kind of official entry so that may or may not be buzz because Final List of Bigg Boss Season 11 Contestant will be made or released after the audition of commoners so calm down and bookmark this page for more Bigg Boss 11 Updates.

Check Bigg Boss 11 Contestant List with Photos

Who will be in or out of House depends on Team selectors who is continuously monitoring videos or commoners and other celebrities for making the best decision so that they can give the best entertaining show to audience.

Final Words About Show

As we are only providing an updates on Bigg Boss Season 11 so you can only expect verified information which we get from Media. There has been or will going to be a lot of buzz in Media or over the Internet about Bigg Boss 11 Contestant and How show will Entertain audience.

So, We will say ” Just Wait & Watch ” do not spoil suspense by knowing what is in it.

Mean while you can ask your question and get instant as soon as possible.

Bigg Boss 11 Contestants Name List With Photos { Updated }

About Bigg Boss 11 Contestants Color TV Show : Bigg Boss is very popular reality show of India. The concept of shows has been taken from the reality show Big Brother. Bigg Boss 11 is upcoming shows that will be telecasted on October 2017. According to the source information, Show maker are having some suspense that is why Bigg Boss Season 11 is going to be superb show of the all time.

Bigg Boss 11 Season

Every Indian & Salman Khan’s Fan knows that Bigg Boss always bring something different to entertain us and every time they deliver more than the expectations. This is reason of gaining so much popularity in India and world.

Bigg Boss 11 Contestant List

You have watched 10 Season of Bigg Boss in past 10 year and know very well about the Bigg Boss house that is decorated by artist so beautiful that every one want to go once in their life. You might have noticed that every contestants has to live together in house.

Bigg Boss 11 Contestant name list

Not only contestants has to live together but also has to isolate themselves from the outer world. They are locked inside the house with cameras on every angle to shoot the best best shows for us.

You love Contestants so we do because of entertainment they do for us. These contestant stay in house as long as you votes for your favorite contestants. Some of the Bigg Boss contestants are nominated due to votings.

Bigg Boss 11 Show

Once contestants are nominated then they make appeal to vote for them so that they stay in Bigg Boss house. The contestant who gets the least votes from public is evicted from the show. At end, One who keep entertaining public and gets many votes win the Show.

Bigg Boss 11 Contestants Name List With Photos

The Bigg Boss 11 is going to start on 17 September 2017. The season 11 will be begin with new selected contestants from the field of entertainment. Bigg Boss season 11 will be more entertaining than previous season. You will come to watch popular celebrity in house like common people.

As you know before releasing Bigg Boss 11 Start date,Team look for contestants for the shows. So is what they did for this time. They have approached celebrities and common people who did great things in their life and got into media’s limelight.

So below is the most probably the Biss Boss 11 contestants list with photos of 2017. We will also be updating their biography once they show their face in Bigg Boss 11 Promo. Meanwhile learn about Bigg Boss 11 contestants list which you have been looking for long.

Dhinchak Pooja

Nia Sharma

Sana Saeed

Pearl Puri

Devoleena Bhattacharjee

Lets talk !!

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Achint Kaur

You know that Bigg Boss Season 10 is going on and will be end with final winner of the show. The Bigg Boss 10 winner will be announce soon and between show Bigg Boss 11 Contestants starts giving audition for next Season.

If you are fan of Salman Khan and reality TV show then you might have watched Bigg Boss season 10 and also know final winner of show was Manveer Gurjar. One of the most important thing about Bigg Boss 10 winner Manveer Gurjar is that he was the first common contestant to win the show with price money.

There are many people who are trying their hand in getting entry into bigg boss 11 and giving audition for Bigg Boss season 11 . You will be surprised to see some people who recently get into media’s eye like Dhinchak Pooja.

Yes, There is speculation that audience would see pooja in the show along with some other celebrities like Nia Sharma, Sana Saeed actor in Kuch Kuch Hotai Hai, Nagarjuna actor Pearl Puri and Saath Nibhana Saathiya actor Devoleena Bhattacharjee and theatre actor Achint Kaur.

Bigg Boss 11 Host Name

So, Guys New is aired that Bigg Boss Season 11 is going to start very soon on date 17 September 2017. Salman khan will be host of the show on colors. We all knows that he is only one who entertain more than any other host who so ever come to host TV show.

As Salman khan is host of show for the 9th time and also hosted Bigg Boss 10, Season 11 is going to start in the month of September.

It seems like this time, show is gonna to bit different like always Salman has something concept with the show that is what make it more interesting to watch without even missing single Bigg Boss 11 Episodes.

Entry to Bigg Boss 11 House

We have heard and getting many query from past few months that if we can participate in Bigg Boss season 11. So for them there is good news.

Yes, Any common people can also get entry in Bigg Boss 11 house. You also have seen people from common background in Bigg Boss Season 10 and even won the show.

Bigg Boss team found out that audience are loving the way they are letting commoners enter in House to take part in the show. That is why, they have announced that any one can enter simply by filling Bigg Boss 11 entry from.

It’s confirmed that commoner can participate in Bigg Boss 11 Season and be Contestants. You can fill up the Bigg Boss 11 Entry Form and upload your video on it.

                                         Bigg Boss 11 Entry Form

Once you are selected among the final list of Bigg Boss 11 Contestants then you are allowed to enter Bigg Boss house.


Salman Khan is host of show again that is already getting a lot of buzz about when Bigg Boss 11 Promos is releasing. There is one more good new that Salman Khan is landed in India from set of his upcoming movie ” Tiger Zinda Hai ” to shoot Bigg Boss 11 Promos so that it can be released soon for audience giving them idea how much entertainment they can expect from Bigg Boss Season 11.

Watch this :->

According to Source information, Salman will be shooting Promo for the Bigg Boss 11 Season this weekend and then will be flying back to Morocoo for Shooting of Tiger Zinda hai.

Bigg Boss 11 Start Date and Time

You also know that the show always begin somewhere either in mid October and in September but it is reported that it will be start on 17 September 2017.

And it is also confirmed that salman khan will be hosting the show for which he arrived in India for shooting Bigg Boss 11 Promo.

Colors channel is all set to launch the Bigg Boss Season 11 show in the month of September and start showing Promos of show that will be starting from August.

Confirmed Bigg Boss 11 Start Date : 17th September 2017.

Confirmed Bigg Boss 11 Time For Week : 10:30 PM to 11:30 PM – Monday to Friday

Confirmed Bigg Boss 11 Time For Weekend : 9 PM to 10 PM – Saturday and Sunday

Colors would be declaring the Contestant name list very soon. It’s expected that the Bigg Boss 11 contestants names with photos which we have published here will be same as released by Colors.

As usual you will come to see Salman Khan on the show every weekend because of eviction that let contestant leave house. But if nominated contestant gets enough votes from pubic then they can stay in Bigg Boss 11 house.

It’s simple your favorite contestant will remain in house till pubic gives a vote. If contestant does not get enough vote then he/she might leave house.

Bigg Boss 11 Auditions

We know that commoners have been invited to Bigg Boss 11 audition. It looks like the upcoming season is going to be most entertaining combination of commoners and celebrities.

Even You can apply for Bigg Boss 11 Season.

Still, We are getting many news from source which we will be updating everyday.

So there will be more Bigg Boss updates including biography of the Bigg Boss 11 contestants with photos. We often seen that before launching show, no one reveal who is contestant of the show. So is what most probable contestants are doing.

But, Final Bigg Boss 11 contestants List will be live soon on our Bigg Boss 11 Website. You can bookmark this page for latest Bigg Boss updates. We will be updating this article after confirmation of Bigg Boss 11 News so that you will only get confirmed information about the show.

You can also leave your query if you have any regarding reality TV Bigg Boss 11 Show.